Master Feng Yijian Qigong Massage

Master Feng Yijian
Qigong Massage

As part of our program, we offer treatment with a blend of some of the most effective healing modalities from around the world, incorporating many health keeping techniques for conditions such as arthritis, aging skin, weight management, as well as chronic illnesses. Our special ingredients are blended at the time of treatment, specific for individual skin care needs, using certified organic ingredients. We also carry skin care products from Primavera in Germany, Phyto II in Switzerland, and Utama Spice in Bali Indonesia.

All of our treatments include an in-depth Health Assessment based in Chinese Medicine along with a combination of Chinese Therapeutic Treatments, based in Chinese medicine. Chinese therapeutic treatments help to unblock stagnated “qi”, creating a healthy circulatory system assisting in pain management and benefiting the whole body! As part of your treatment and depending upon your condition, specific qigong forms are learned to enhance your healing!

We also also offer an Asian Style Facial using Chinese face reading. We design an Asian style facial massage with beauty cupping made for your face! This technique has been used for generations to enhance topical facial treatments from organic products, increasing circulation, minimizing lines and wrinkles…….includes a hand and foot massage with treatment!