Woman’s Qigong: Nu Zi

Woman’s Qigong for Health

Nŭ Zì Qigongwoman's qigong, women and girls qigong, was developed by Dr. Liu Yafei to improve the function of the female organism. The practice of woman’s qigong utilizes self-massage techniques with movement. The movements are designed  for the breast and abdominal regions, and for the female organs in the pelvis region. The exercises focus on activating and regulating the “extraordinary vessels”: ren mai, du mai, chong mai and dai mai.

This set of qigong forms are based on ancient techniques that were used specifically to treat women’s conditions. It is also recommended that one learns basic Nei Yang Gong Qigong practice to keep the body healthy. If one has a condition, specifically related to the female body, then learning specific Nu Zi Qigong forms for that condition can be done along with basic qigong exercise. Below is an outline of some of the forms taught.

Relieving the Chest and Massaging the Abdomen

This set of exercises is particularly helpful for disorders in the breast, resolving tension during PMS and counteracting breast tumors. It has a supporting effect in blood vacuity and blood weakness. The contra-rotating massage strokes regulate the energy flow in the lower pelvis. Abdominal massage results in strengthening the energy of the spleen.

Harmonizing the Dai Mai

Simulates the circulation of qi and blood in the pelvis, regulates the Dai Mai Vessel, strengthens kidney yang, and holds the organs in a natural position

 Moving the Dan Tian in Circles

A “web of qi” is constructed around the dan tian. The yuan qi, original qi, is improved, and stagnation of blood and phlegm can be resolved. These exercises are particularly helpful for menstrual complaints, fertility and frigidity.